New Website Finally Launched

After many months, about 6 or 7 maybe a little more if you were counting, I thought it was about time to knuckle down and finish what I started while I had a little spare time before the silly season begins!

So Finally my new website is up and running how it should be I hope,!!  If you have any problems or weird things going on while you are browsing just let me know via my contact form and I will look into it, still might have a few bugs to iron out, but fingers crossed it wont come to that.

I still have a load more products to add but its a slow process with working full time and running Abigails Beautiful Memorials is a bit of a juggling act, but they is still some beautiful memorials listed to keep you going.  If you cant see what you are looking for just send me a message I might just have what you are looking for ready to be listed but not had the time to do so, also as I make all my own Items from scratch I can easily customise  what goes on them so feel free to ask if you have something special in mind and I will do my best.

I am currently working on a lot of new products in between everything else, Trains, Cars, Trucks, more princesses, and a ton more Christmas memorials too, if I can have them ready in time now that’s a different matter!

Well that’s all for now still more work to be done on here so I best get to it.



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